Vallehermoso is a village and municipality in the western part of La Gomera in Santa Cruz de Tenerife province. This town is the seat of the municipality and it is located in the northern part of the municipality.


The town is filled with iconic landmarks and places that are full of heritage and landscapes with magnificent beauty and of great contrasts from each other. You will surely get the most stunning scenery of the Canary Islands from this town and it also has numerous facilities and services for tourists so as to get remarkable experience.

Features of Valle Hermoso
Because of the length of the town, it features a large number of villages which are split over the valleys and gorges which makes this town a paradise for hikers as they will get the chance to see numerous places which are mesmerizing. Some of the best places that you can visit are Arguamul, Tazo which is where palm hones are produced mainly on the island with their untouched natural beach.
If you are visiting the south side of the municipality, you should not miss Chipude which is the church of our Virgin of Candelaria and it is among the most ancient attraction in the island. If you are lucky, you will also get to witness one of the most ancestral traditions of the island known as the pottery of El Cercando. This is where you will get to see potters reproduce and make the aborigines that La Gomera had. You should also ensure you visit La Dama or La Rajita where you will get to see mesmerizing views and also get to observe the ruins of the old cannery of the island.
You will also love the pretty lanes of Valle Hermoso where you will get to see streets and decorated houses in the Centre of the town. The buildings are more modern and are dominated by the practical architecture which is quite fascinating.

Top things to do

Experience the festival
One of the thing that you should ensure you experience while in Valle Hermoso is the festivals with numerous festivals taking place in the town all year round. The most popular festival in Valle Hermoso is in honour of Our Virgin of Carmen and it takes place in the historical center of the village. This festival is marked as a holiday in La Gomera with numerous people coming to this place every July of the year. The last festival takes place on the 15th of August with thousands of faithful people who meet around the church.

Visit the town square of Valle Hermoso
The Plaza de la Constitution is the lively center of the town and it is a hotspot for both tourist and locals. The town square features fountains with several benches. The town square also homes town hall, banks, and bars which you can explore while in the area. You can also wander off some of the small streets in the area that diverges in all directions.

Explore Parish Church Iglesia San Juan de Bautista
This is a little farther away from the Plaza and you will be fascinated with the church tower which rises above the center of town and it draws attention to this magnificent construction. While you are inside, you will also love the attractive stained glass windows of the church.

Visit the lush Garden of Valle Hermoso
Valle Hermoso is popular for its lush orchards. The orchard not only have tropical fruits and apricots growing on it but also pears, apples, and plums. You can buy the product of this orchard in the market hall which is near the town square.

Have fun at Playa de Valle Hermoso
This beach is just about 3 kilometres from the town. The beach features gravels which are surrounded by cliffs and choppy ocean which makes it suitable only for experienced swimmers. If you are not experienced, there is a swimming complex which you can try out some swimming activities. You will also enjoy the changing rooms which feature showers and snack bar which surrounds the seawater swimming pool with a mesmerizing view.

Go on a hiking tour of Roque Cano.
This is a natural monument which can be found on a slope which surrounds the old town. On your hiking trip here, you will get to see diverse varieties of flora which is associated with rocks. You will need a special permit from the Cabildo de la Gomera before you can hike this iconic landmark. The south face of the mountain is the least complex and suitable for beginners and if you are an expert, then it is best to climb the mountain facing the west.


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