Playa de Santiago

Playa Santiago is a quiet fishing village located in La Gomera with a natural beauty which will wow you. Playa de Santiago is the perfect place to go if you want to explore the evergreen laurel forests and mountains ranges which the island is popular for.


The town also features restaurants and couple of café bars along the water with a laidback pebbly beach that you can visit. Playa de Santiago is located in the southern part of the La Gomera island and it is among the most important tourist spots in the island. The town is divided into two separate towns which are Lomada de Tecina and Laguna de Santiago with serene housing development with stunning hotels to make your base as a tourist.

Family Olsen in Playa Santiago
Family Olsen is a Scandinavian family who bought the land and water rights of the village in the 20th century because of their entrepreneurial finesse. The family then starts banana and tomato farming before they then switched their attention to fish processing and then tourism with ferries and luxury hotels with stunning amenities like a golf course. The biggest employer on the island is this family.

Top things to do in Playa de Santiago

Visit the lively Plaza del Carmen
The Plaza del Carmen can be found in the Centre of the town. This is where a little promenade begins and it is the favorite spot where locals meet and it stretches along the harbor. Some of the things to do here are to go people watching or just take in the mesmerizing views of the harbor. The Plaza del Carmen also features restaurants and bars where you can try out Canarian cuisines or just enjoy the views of the waters.

Go sightseeing at the sunny Port of Playa Santiago
This can be found further to the east and it houses the idyllic district Laguna that is situated on the hillsides and surrounded by banana plantations of the valley. You are going to find quiet apartments here. There is also an old settlement of Tecina which stretches out above the town and along the mountain ridge that you can explore while here. You can also opt to stay in the luxury hotel which stands on the cliff edge and it was built in 1987 by the Norwegian family. The hotel is fascinating and you will be amazed at the hotel is set against a backdrop of a barren landscape which makes it look unreal.

Visit Playa de Santiago
This is a coarse gravel beach which can be found along the harbor promenade and it is protected from the surf by a jetty. The best thing is that you can swim here as you can safely jump into the waves from the jetty. The beach features small areas which are filled with sand and there is remote bathing inlet in the south which are accessible by small paths and they are quite attractive.

Have fun at Playa del Medio
The stunning Playa del Medio is just about an hour’s walk to get to Playa Santiago. This is a protected bay which features gentle surf and it is famous for nudist groups. There are several spots that you can relax and sunbathe between the rocks.

Go on a Daytrips to the capital San Sebastian
San Sebastian is just 30 minutes’ drive from Playa de Santiago and you should make sure you visit the island capital while in Playa de Santiago. San Sebastian is filled with numerous attractions and sights that you can explore from the quaint La Asuncion church to museums and many other attractions waiting for you to explore them. You can also go shopping in San Sebastian with shops filled with designers’ goods and souvenirs that you can buy.

Getting to La Gomera
There is a small airport which was built near Playa Santiago to get to this island if you don’t want to go on a cruise trip to the island. There are numerous small aircraft that takes off regularly from the airport and the best thing about the Playa de Santiago is that it remained peaceful despite the large influx of tourists.


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