Agulo is located in the north of La Gomera and it is just more than half an hour drive from the capital. Agulo is popularly known as the bon-bon of La Gomera and it features a large natural viewing point which is filled with green crops and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

The town is charming and cared for beautifully with cobblestones and restored story-tale houses. You will also appreciate the rural corner of the island with its charm. Agulo is among the first town to be built on the island and the landscape will surely amaze you with its fertile terrace fields, stunning views of the ocean and Teide which is the impressive volcano on the neighboring island of Tenerife.
Best way to explore Agulo
The best way to explore Agulo is by parking your car and then walk through the town center with the aid of the information panels on the streets. This guide will fill you in on the singularities of Agulo and you will like the lovely church of San Marcos which features white spires which gives makes it unique from the red roofs of the houses. You can also enjoy magnificent views of Tenerife and the magnificent Mount Teide which is going to take your breath away.
Worthwhile sights
San Marco
This is the white parish church in Agulo and it was built in Moorish style. The church was designed by architect Pintor Y Ocete and the highlight of the church is the statue of Christ which was made by Canarian artist Perez Donis.
Giant fiesta
On Easter every year, Agulo celebrates a giant fiesta and you will get to experience the climax as young men leap through the fire so as to test their bravery. You will also enjoy the live music with the exuberant atmosphere as the onlookers give a cheer of encouragement to the participants.
The area surrounding Agulo
You should ensure that you go on a day trip to the area that surrounds Agulo. An iconic landmark that you should make sure you visit is the green valley of Hermigua which is just two kilometres to the east of Agulo. You can also visit the Garajonay National park at Las Rosas which is also nearby. You can also visit the pretty village of Valle Hermoso where you are going to get a magnificent view of La Gomera romantic coast with a scenic drive from Agulo.
Top things to do in Agulo
• Go hiking at Garajonay National Park
• Try out GoAzul Aquasport
• Visit Castillo del Mar
• Explore Amigos del Peñón de Hermigua
• Go sightseeing at Centro de Visitantes del Parque Nacional del Garajonay (Juego de Bolas)
• Explore Museo Etnográfico de La Gomera


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